Well I might have just lost it on this one.  I really don’t know why I do these things other than because people tell me I shouldn’t.

This build idea is one I had for awhile.  I saw a paddle at an outdoor market and the wheels began to turn.  That one was too long but a quick search on Amazon, and I found this 30” paddle.


Turns out it is too narrow to make the 3 string I wanted out of it but why not.  Lets experiment anyway.  Consider it a practice run.  I’ll probably make the next out of maple anyway rather than try to find one the right size.

First step I needed to shave down the top of the handle a bit so that I could run it through the plane and get it to run square.  I did this with a #5 hand plane.  I’ll finish the head flush later.


Next I ran it through the jointer planer.  Didn’t like not using the guard but I did have blocks with handles to run it through and protect my hands.


As I suspected, I could only get an inch wide for the fret board.  This is going to be a real odd experiment as a two string.


It is going to be fretless with a maple fret board.  I began going through my tool draws looking for what I have for hardware.  A couple of left over machine heads from a previous build,  and some bone for the nut.


I’m thinking hardwood with a piece of brass rod and a brass tail piece and this is small early prototype pickup I built that has been kicking around my tool box drawer.  I had thought about using tele saddles and stringing it through the paddle but it is not thick enough. Going to be a challenge to install a jack.


Alright, time to spread some glue and clamp the fret board on.  Clean up the glue that spreads out with pressure using a damp paper towel and in this case, I used a small width chisel to scrape right into the seam.  Will help a lot when it is time to sand.


I’ll let that set over night and remove the clamps in the morning.  This could be a fun instrument.  It is just the right length, is light and feels proportionally right.