Frozen in Time

The post prior to this one requires I begin to deal with where I’m heading. I’ve left the shop and many ideas go fallow for some time now. A few years have past and I seem ready to move forward. I’ve created a separate page for Dad. It is all I can do now other than honor my memories and live my life as he would want me to.

It has been a long harsh winter but today was a warm sunny spring day. Much to be hopeful for. I’m in the middle of a sort of renewal yet my personal life still sees much of what I want to do being placed on hold.

I had recently parked all my web domains. Still have a couple of wordpress sites but links are hopelessly broken. So today I spent a little bit of time deciding what to keep and what to be rid of. I’ve let some ideas just die. Those domains are gone. Perhaps paring down the list a bit will help with the progress of the others. Domains dealt with. Things should be online in a couple of days after this post goes up. Time will tell if I move forward but have tried some new mobile tools that seem cool. Will start to work on new ideas and will work to link it all together so that things are no longer separate. I am many things but am one. Out of many pages, I will attempt to create a profile of things I am. Husband, father, engineer, tinkerer and builder.