A little outside the box thinking in the design of a custom tenor jazz guitar.

Photo gallery of a custom every day player after two years. A little road worn but the craftsmanship still shows.

Bound Ash Body

Arsenio Cigar Box

Cigar Box Guitars with Distinction

I make a number of styles of Cigar Box Guitars but this one is my signature. When I can get the boxes, this is the one to have built.


Classic Tele

3 String Version of a Classic Butterscotch finished Telecaster

Classic Butterscotch Color


Something old is new again

A old Ford hubcap sees new life as a unique instrument. Plenty of road wear as this is a truck hubcap but it cleaned up pretty well.

The way this hub cap was turned adds to its sound character

Trade Secrets

Ok, just between us.  Here is some of how it is done.